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Friday, May 23, 2014

New take on an old design...Canadian style

Yesterday's post was about a new take on an old Danish design. Today's post looks at a new twist on an old Canadian design.

Gus*Modern has recently announced the return of a classic mid-century chair. The Spanner Lounge Chair with Arms was originally created in 1950 by Russell Spanner but has been out of production for over fifty years. Gus* collaborated with the Spanner family to give new life to this iconic chair, staying true to the original design in every way.

The seat is woven strapping, and the frame is solid birch with exposed bolts and finger-joint details. Like the original, the new Gus* version will be manufactured in Toronto and will be available in a variety of colors and finishes.

The first 100 chairs produced will be part of a signed and numbered limited edition.


Light birch, red webbing

Light birch, green webbing

Light birch, black webbing

Dark birch, red webbing

Dark birch, green webbing

Dark birch, black webbing

I'll take the dark birch with green webbing, please. Which combination would look best in your home?


  1. Definitely the light birch with the green webbing here!

    1. What is it about that green webbing? It really grabbed me, for some reason, and I guess it did you too.

  2. Lat pic- dark birch + black webbing -appeals to me. There's something about a darker stain that fits that chair design.

    1. That looks like a color combination you'd like. I think it's very classy...and classic...looking.