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Friday, May 30, 2014

You've got mail...

Sometimes the smallest details are the hardest to pull off. When I first bought my 1950 ranch home, it was difficult to find mailboxes that suited its vintage exterior. Today it's a little easier to find reproductions if you can't find an original. Here are images of both vintage and new mailboxes to delight and inspire.

Vintage mailbox - ModPop VintageModern

Pouch mailbox from Canadian Tire

Vintage mailbox

Modern reproduction - mailboxshoppe

Vintage copper envelope-style

Postino envelope-style

New old stock starburst mailbox - atomicspacejunk88

Vintage mailbox - AustinModern

Nice take on an old standard

Another nice post treatment

If you'd like to help a fellow mid-century maven get his mailbox business off the ground (or, as the case might be, firmly planted in the ground), check out Greg Kelly's Kickstarter campaign.

Greg Kelly's modbox design


  1. LOVE the copper envelope mailbox, it has such presence.

    1. Isn't the patina on that one amazing? I wonder how many years it took for it to turn such a beautiful color. Makes me appreciate getting older myself. :)

  2. The starburst is swank. I also like the Greg Kelly, it looks like it was mad by Olivetti. (:

    1. You're an Olivetti man through and through! :)

  3. Very nice. Greg Kelly should do a wall mounted design in a similar shape for those without a street box.

  4. I used to have a vintage copper envelope. Unfortunately, the wasps loved it too much and my crazy ass husband swatted it down with a bat.
    Yes, he still lives....but he was in big trouble.
    Cool choices you shared!

    1. Nice to know other families have stories of overkill too. I still remember very well that when I was seven years old a bee landed on my big toe, and my mother's solution was to stomp my toe till the bee was dead. Even at seven, I knew there was something wrong with that plan. :)

    2. They must have shared the same fear of the flying devils...he will mow down old ladies and small children to get away from one! ;) Your poor toe! LOL