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Friday, May 16, 2014

Fifty years from now: Trine Kjaer

Trine Kjaer (1986- ) is a Danish furniture designer, photographer, illustrator, graphic designer and architect. She received her master's degree from the Aarhus School of Architecture, and worked for the Johannes Torpe studio, Soerig design studio and Bang & Olufsen.

She now runs Trine Kjaer Design Studio in Værløse, Denmark, where she primarily works in the fields of custom furniture, interiors and decorator items.

Her designs have won several awards and have been nominated for others. Probably her best known work is the Haptic chair, which has a backrest and seat wrapped in cord intertwined with thin copper strands. The Black Box cabinet is made of black stained wood with a bright ash interior and contains a mirror, drawers and pegs for hanging jewelry. It was nominated for the Danish furniture brand Bolia’s annual Design Award. Her Re:table is made of old wood and painted steel and can be adjusted from cafe table height to bar table height by repositioning the sliding pedestal and pegs. Other works include the Round table, Bowl coffee table, Lauf chair, Uniformed chair, Leap Lounge chair, One-day lamp and Sphere vase.

I predict that we'll be hearing more from this young designer and that her work will still be valued fifty years from now.

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Haptic chair

Haptic chair close-up

Black Box cabinet

Patch stool

Bowl coffee table


Uniformed chair

One-day lamp

Sphere vase


  1. These are, literally, simply brilliant designs and Trine Kjaer a designer to watch!

    1. I agree. I think we've just begun to see her talent, which will undoubtedly blossom as she gets older.