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Monday, May 19, 2014

The fabrics of Noémi Raymond

Noémi Raymond (1889-1980) was born in Cannes, France. She moved to New York in 1900 and studied fine arts and philosophy at Columbia Teachers College. She met and married Antonin Raymond, and while he was pursuing his education, she supported them by doing graphic work for the New York Sun and New York Herald.

She and her husband moved to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin, and she developed an interest in 3D design, as well as Japanese art and philosophy. She also became an art broker for wealthy clients. Eventually, she and her husband lived in Japan for a time.

Best known for her textile designs, which are exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, she also produced rugs, furniture, glass and silverware. Her textile designs were chosen by American luminaries such as Louis Kahn to upholster furniture.

From Helfrich & Whittaker, Kurt & William (2006). Crafting a Modern World: The Architecture and Design of Antonin and Noemi Raymond. New York: Princeton Architectural Press.

Combination of Reeds

Squares, Blobs, Speckles

Blobs, Leaf

Strips, Trunks, Trees, Dots

Combination of Strips, Reeds

Newspaper clipping of the Raymonds
as a young couple

Antonin and Noémi Raymond

Raymond home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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